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The MurthyNAYAK Foundation (MNF) has had a relationship with the Agastya Foundation since our paths first crossed in Hubli, in 2008, at one of their exciting science fairs for children. With the goal of sparking curiosity and creativity in India’s children by exposing them to science experiments and models, Agastya hooked us, as well, and since then we have had many opportunities to visit the main campus near Kuppam, A.P.


Experiencing the Agastya campus is something we wish for everyone. So, PhotoSouthAsia (PSA), a project of the MNF, was happy to fund a project to provide others with the opportunity to see the Agastya campus. A virtual tour will be available to allow everyone interested in Agastya and its programs to move through the campus and catch a bird’s eye view of the 172-acre Creativity Lab, where children learn about astronomy and art, botany and biology, chemistry and photography. [We will provide a link as soon as this is available online.] An experienced professional team was engaged to help Agastya create an interactive portal. The portal will attract visitors to the Agastya Campus Creativity Lab. Agastya is a place not only where children learn, but also with programs for teachers to receive training, for scientists to conduct research, and for artists and photographers to see and experience the natural beauty in this part of India.


Further plans for the project focus on additional features that will include simulations of exhibits and elements of virtual learning. This portal will give potential visitors a sense of the campus, what they can expect when they visit, and how it might provide personal, educational, or professional development to help them, in turn, work to benefit others. As a long-time friend of Agastya, PSA has advised on this project since its inception. Not merely funding the project, Vasant Nayak contributed his suggestions and insights into the intent and plan, as well.



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About Agastya

Agastya is a cause - not just an organization. Its vision is of a creative India. It's mission is "to spark curiosity, nurture creativity, and instill confidence" in economically disadvantaged children and government school teachers by bringing imaginative and innovative hands-on science education, project-based and peer-to-peer learning to schools, towns and villages across India.

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