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PhotoSouthAsia is pleased to fund new content for lens-based topics by Critical Collective, which is the brainchild and creation of Gayatri Sinha, its curator and critic. An initiative whose goal since 2011 has been to build greater knowledge and awareness of India’s arts, Critical Collective creates exhibitions and offers seminars on art collaboratively with institutions in India and abroad.


Critical Collective launched its online presence to reach a wider audience. The website strives to provide a resource to support academic inquiry and personal curiosity, where the lack of arts publications and institutional infrastructure have left a void. From the 19th century there was a rich outpouring of research and study of India’s arts and culture. But recent times have been bleak without institutional support to preserve critical opinion and authoritative concern through carefully preserved archives. Seeing a dearth of scholarly writing and criticism on lens-based practices, photography, and video, Critical Collective stepped in and PhotoSouthAsia is pleased to offer our financial support.


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